Through cutting edge technology and innovative design, ilo’s mission is to create the cleanest, most reliable and convenient products that deliver consumers the optimal vaporization experience.



ilo’s innovative design delivers consumers
the optimal vaporization experience.


we do.




dab tabs.

The pore diameter in DAB TABS™ has been specifically engineered to web fluids in the internal matrix and can tolerate temperatures up to 2000°F. DAB TABS™ are a material that is not readily available in China and can only be made at a handful of facilities in the United States.

Because the fluid/oil is embedded inside the matrix of pores the surface appears dry to the touch. Tar and sticky materials like oleoresins are imbedded into the tabs.

If heat is applied to a DAB TAB™ and the triggering point is reached the material will vaporize from within and will be released through the matrix of pores that can also act as a filtering agent reducing harmful carbonization.



The Tab Rig™ is a vaporizer specifically designed to allow for a NO MESS NO STRESS way to consume Dab Tabs™.


tab rig.

The Tab Rig is vaporizer specifically design to allow for a NO MESS NO STRESS way to consume Dab Tabs™.

Heating to the ideal temperature provides for a safer, cleaner, and smoother vape experience.

The Tab Rig™ will utilize an advanced quartz heating system.

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